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Free from the constraints of mass production, our workshop and design and build your fireplace for your present or future home, we can construct open and closed fireplaces and we can also incorporate additional spaces: tables, benches, shelves etc. From classic to stylish fireplaces, we have the expertise to create a fireplace you will love.
We will design your fireplace based on the size of the room to be heated. A fireplace is more than just a means for heating the room, it is an important gathering point for a house, both for the family and while chatting with friends. You have an old fireplace you want to install, renovate or restore: we can manufacture any missing parts or find old marble, we can reproduce antique castings and even recreate an “aged copy”.

  • Ebauche motif cheminée

    Sketch of a motive for mantel

  • Cheminée Ebauche élément décoratif

    Sketch of ornemental elements

  • Cheminée Linteau

    Lintel with ornemental elements

  • Cheminée Taille soubassement

    Withe stone mantel foundation cutting

  • Signature

    Signature on mantel