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Using both modern and traditional techniques, our workshop can work with both classic and rare marbles and stone in combination with wood, glass or stainless steel, to create designs which match your style and personal tastes.

Inheriting the knowledge of master-craftsmen and journeymen, our workshop is one of the few in France to possess the expertise to make Saracen vault staircases. They are particular in that they do not require the use of mortar, meaning that we can construct an elegant staircase with only comfort in mind.

The Saracen vault staircase takes its name from an ancestral technique brought over by the Saracens in the 7th and 8th centuries:

  • made-to-measure staircase: we design it to fit the dimensions of your room. During drafting of the architect’s plans we can advise them on the size and footprint of the staircase.
  • a comfortable staircase: thanks to its design and the shape of the steps, our staircases provide even footing so requiring a constant effort while ascending. They are therefore especially comfortable to use as they do not cause the heart to race.
  • an elegant staircase: whichever materials (marble, stone or granite) and finish you choose, your staircase will become the decorative centrepiece of your home and immediately raise its value. Since they are just as attractive underneath, you will enjoy your staircase all the more.
  • Escalier pierre verte

    Green stone staircase

  • Escalier perron

    Bush hammered Soignies stone front steps

  • Escalier départ

    Turning staircase on « voûte sarrasine »

  • Escalier voûte

    Marble stone staircase on « voûte sarrasine »

  • Escalier arrivée

    Staircase arrival on « voûte sarrasine »

  • Escalier départ

    Staircase leading on « voûte sarrasine »