Technical Innovations

The Vandermarlière Marble mason’s workshop can use both tradition techniques and new technologies (CAD, CNC) in the manufacture of the pieces, depending on requirements and the size of the project. Our wide range of skills enables us to meet all financial and aesthetic requirements presented to us by our customers. The excellence of our work is already on display in a multitude of houses, private apartments, shops, galleries and interior and exterior spaces.

We are capable of taking on unusual projects at very short notice: we are well-known for our “pool of resources”, our desire to find solutions for problems which would otherwise make life very difficult for builders, as well as our ability to “get the job done” when others have thrown in the towel.

We believe our main expertise is to have an open mind.
The company is also able to incorporate hi-tech products and equipment (optical fibres, composite mounting fibres, high performance resins) into new projects. These products allow us to achieve results which would have been impossible not long ago. The company also has stocks of rare materials from quarries which are no longer in use.

We have evolved over the years. Aside from masonry work, we use computer-aided design techniques and communications networks such as the Internet. This helps us to communicate technical and artistic drawings quickly and allows us to finalise plans on the screen. We have an advanced graphic design process dedicated to engraving which allows us to produce audacious projects which would not have seen the light of day using older techniques. “Delicate” measurements are made on site using a 3D device, they are then sent straight to the computer.

  • Attached produces for buildings (Thresholds, windowsills, door frames, wall trims, window boards)
  • Pavements inside/outside
  • Stairs
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • Fireplaces and barbecues
  • Engraving
  • Decoration for shops
  • Works for artists and designers

L’Atelier VANDERMARLIERE : Traditional and new techniques

Marble work and ornamental engraving in Comines, Nord.
Engraving is primarily a movement. This movement is the result of learning using one’s hands, one’s mind and one’s eye for beauty.
Even though engraving has taken many forms over the years, until recently it was mainly used for inscriptions as ornamental work was too costly for most. Today, new techniques (CAD, CNC) have expanded the range of applications for traditional crafts.
Our company has kept up with the times. Each engraving project uses an appropriate balance of traditional techniques and new techniques.

ENGRAVING for decoration and communication
Ornamental work is used in architecture and naturally finds its place on buildings by helping to meaning to them. Authentic and independent, walking a path alongside sculpture, engraving allows art to express more than just the equilibrium of form and function. We can also provide solutions which best meet the financial and aesthetic requirements of our customers.

MATERIALS “The origin of stone”
Since its inception the company has worked with stone, marble and granite coming from all over the world. We have also engraved wood, class and other mediums when requested to do so by architects and fitters. We also use a marble in-laying technique similar to “Venetian scagliole”. The engraved pieces take on a similar appearance to mosaics or marquetry.

We have a wide range of designs in all styles and can create new patterns on request.
We can also use logos and graphics in our designs, for example we can transfer patterns from works of tapestry or embroidery to an unlimited choice of surfaces, the only limitation being the dimensions of the base material.
As well as supplying and producing all these products, the company also engraves materials and objects to order.
Craftsmen in mind and body, VANDERMARLIERE-GRAVEURS can handle all types of orders and supply single units or runs.

Floor and wall engraving
Using your motif or logo, according to the dimensions and colours you specify, by the unit or in short or long runs, simple engraving or scaglioli (inlayed marble chips).

Object engraving
Engraved objects
As well as its common usage for floors and walls, engraving can also be used to adorn decorative items and furniture, including ornaments and architectural elements.

Signage engraving Signs
“Written in stone”: the prestige of an engraved sign emphasises the contents of the message, we can also provide contemporary styles.

Among our main works :

  • Restoration and creations for objects mande in marble for professionals or privates
    • bases of pendulum, handles of objects
    • games (chess board, draughts board, solitaire)
    • Lamps, clocks
  • Works in association with artists and designers
    • sundial 2,40m x 1,60m at Verrières le Buisson
    • Port of Calais ( engraved curb made in granit)
    • Paris-Roubaix cycle race
    • Harkis de Roubaix
    • Square of Humans Rights in Lille
    • Metro station Jean Jaurès in Villeneuve d’Ascq
    • Logos, portraits
    • Camaieu (wooden boards)
    • Nocibé (engraved slabs with parfumers brands)
    • Christian Dior ( engraved slabs, Scagliole and Belgian Blue Stone)
    • l’Oréal (entrante halls of hairdressing salons)
  • Artistic works in partnership with and without artists
  • Brick Marie Aerts

    Engraving bricks for artist Marie Aerts (Ailes du désir)

  • Table "White Stripes" for Atelier 9.19

    Table "White Stripes" for Atelier 9.19

  •  Pediment of the Lille Flandres train station

    Pediment of the Lille Flandres station with gold leaf.

  •  Stele in tribute to Harkis

    Stele in tribute to Harkis (Roubaix)

  • Calais harbour

    Platform edge engraved granite (Calais)

  • Le Baiser

    Decorative plate with inlay scagliole Pierre de Soignies polished tribute to Peter Berhens "The Kiss" 1897

  • Engraved stones of the Paris Roubaix race

    Engraved stones of the Paris Roubaix race